I recently updated my blog from Wordpress to Pelican. This is partly for a reason that my new VPS has a pretty low end configuration and I didn’t feel like installing PHP and then walk the whole deal. Time for trying out something new :)

Enter Pelican. Written in Python and totally awesome! For the uninitiated, it is a static blog generator. You write the blog articles offline, and using Pelican you generate the entire blog as static HTML and then push it to your server for updating. So, no databases and no server-side processing! Also, it is crazy fast since, there is no rendering and it just comes down to serving static files.

Now, this is all cool. But, here comes the actual deal - to import my current Wordpress blog to Pelican. Please do NOT believe if anyone says it is a piece of cake. I completed it in a fairly simple manner since, I only had a handful of articles to import.

And thanks to pelican-svbhack for this amazing theme :D