I had been so busy with my GATE preparations that I had to write some code to clear my head. Also my GitHub contributions graph has started looking so bleak lately. So, I started working on one of my old steganography project.

It is hardly ground-breaking. It is the implementation of the age old LSB Steganography in images with Python and Pillow. For people who do not have a clue of what I am talking about, LSB Steganography is the method of encoding data in the least significant bits of the images so that, there is minimal or no significant change in the image when looked at with the naked eye.

In my last commit then, I had coded it to encode the text data in a linear fashion in the image. After taking up the crypto course from Coursera, I had this idea of working with deterministic pseudo random generator to encode the text accordingly in random positions (read, pseudo-random) according to the given passphrase or key.

I also have ideas to implement features like

  • Data Compression
  • Data Encryption
  • Steganography in audio and video files.

The package is available in PyPI as Maraithal. You can give it a try by using pip or easy_install as

sudo pip install maraithal

It is not anything much, but if anyone else is willing to contribute to the codebase I’ll be happy to work together. Here is the address for the repository in GitHub.